Special Beginner's Package

Interested in trying out the Olympic Sport of Fencing?
Young Fencer

Your first night training will be free, so you can see if you enjoy the sport. Then as part of a Special Beginners Package, we are currently offering 5 sessions with all equipment and coaching supplied for only £30.00.

If after that period you decide to join us and take out an annual membership, we’ll deduct the £30.00 from your membership fee.

This offer is now available so if you are interested in trying out fencing at the top fencing club in N.Ireland we would ask that you contact us at the email below or phone or text us so that we can reserve you a place on this offer. We are expecting interest to be high and we want to facilitate as many interested people as possible.

Please include details of your Name, Age (if under 18) and if you have any previous fencing experience. We’ll then get back to you straight away. Note Tuesday is generally the best night for beginners under 16 to come along to train. Over 16’s will probably enjoy Monday nights better.

Interested in trying out the Olympic Sport of Fencing? Then your in the right place! Why not come along and tryout fencing with us. We have experienced coaches who will show you just how much fun fencing can be. We always have a number of people just beginning at our club, so you won’t feel out of place at the start.

Children can really benefit from fencing with improved fitness, co-ordination and self confidence. Adults can enjoy a fabulous way to get fit and healthy, loose all that stress and enjoy good company. All this in a sport that allows you to go as far, and be as serious as you want with it. Remember our International Fencers started as beginners too.

The fencing experience we provide is suitable for all ages and abilities, we currently have male and female members from 8 to 60+. And when you train at Grosvenor Fencing Club you’ll be along with other people who are there for the social, fun and health benefits of fencing, along with the more serious International fencers and N.Ireland Champions.

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Intersted in our beginner's offer?